Friday, October 25, 2013

connecting people...........

In early 2000 email was a luxury...days passed by,years rolled off.Social networking started blooming and first site was orkut.Everyone who had gmail account had a orkut account, but who ever had it then, dont even remember their ID n password today.From there started the increase in rate of social networking sites like mushrooms....twitter, facebook,google plus and now whatsapp. Even a school going kid demands an android smart phone , just to have whatsapp uploaded and hang on it for hours and hours. i am scared where all this advanced technology will lead to and what would be the destiny of the present generation. My concern is not the handy technology which is changing every moment, my worry is for what value system the present and future generations will inculcate as they grow up after being exposed to so much of untimely knowledge...they are losing their ignorance. The funny part is my servant maid is also so educated in using computers that she says "didi mere liye train ticket through net karke'll take long time if i stand in line and get tickets and moreover it will be loss for u as I will not be able to come to your home for work" ....i got scared of the threatening and did the honors for her and still keep doing ;).

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