Saturday, November 28, 2009


Paagal Hua what Ph.D is defined as.True...people really go mad when the expected results are not achieved after working on a topic for months...and finally giveup and take up a new topic with a lot of uncertainity.Not sure if the topic chosen would be fruitful or not.
A friend of mine ,who is doing Ph.D is real fun .He knows how to convert a tough topic into a lite environment.He is from North east obviously his height is less...we were all pulling his legs,then instead of recoiling,his answer was "Pull,atleast then my height will increase".
Moral of the story is"In frustration a person will atleast try to keep others happy whatever be the situation within, because they know what is the pain in being frustrated ".....

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Let Go....

"let go" concept does n't work for people like me...and many others like me....reason is nothing else but attachment/possessiveness.I have been trying implement "5s" at home...and am not able to take decessions about things which are quite close to me or which have significance in my past...but are of no use now.Specialy a big teak wood cupboard.I know I wont use the same time I cant throw it.ATTACHMENT... :)
Generations change..but concepts are same.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Style Mantra for a sastha price.... :)

I am a freak for electronic gadgets...specially watches...and had to stay away from purchasing such stuff due to busy and hectic lifestyle for past two years...i found this unique,interesting and stylish watch in a small god forsaken shop..that too costing only Rs.140/-. I loved it in my first sight..and yes the next moment ...HAPPY.
Moral of the story is..."happines lies in getting what you like/love, not in how much u spend in terms of money."

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


You sleep dream...and next morning you forget.But if your dreams are an outcome of ur strong desire .i.e. in your "subconcious region" then you will certainly not forget them.One will always try to achieve their dreams by striving for making it come true.It becomes the driving force to wait for the next day...else what is the purpose of waiting for the next day???
I have many dreams,many are fulfilled and many are in process...and there are few which may not materialize .With the fear of not materializing the dreams,I don't stop dreaming...I still dream of the impossible things too...with a faith that if the effort is sincere nothing on this earth can stop from achieving it.How the question.
So sleep well, dream well and work on them. :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cruel crow....

It took almost 5 months for these tiny birds to find a suitable place for building a nest and finally they could locate it in my kitchen balcony.I dont know the breed of these tiny ones...but 4-5 birds together build the nest and lay eggs in it.The nest was built with only one type of leaf which was thin and long.They have built a beautiful nest and I was very happy to hear their sweet voices(chirping) early in the morning.Today morning a crow was found frequenting towards the nest inspite of shooing it away.I felt scared that it would destroy the cute nest with eggs and small baby birds in expected the nest is on floor and no bird is seen except tiny voice of a new born birdy..waiting for its momma....and pappa and all other family members...lets see the fate of the birdy ...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New fear....

There is a rumour that the place where our office is built is haunted.The people used to say that they could feel someone in and around them....Slowly things became calm until one of our housekeeping guys spectacles broke without any provocation,just few months back.So this was also gossiped upon for couple of days and we enjoyed.After ~ 3/4 months ,this topic came up yesterday.The passage on the side where people used to say the ghost was seen/felt its presence .... there are certain incidences my friend narrated to me today..that her mobile screen glowed on its own without even operating any buttons.And three times it seems. I dont believe but subconciously I question myself "do they really exist?"
Once all depends on how you take it :)