Friday, June 25, 2010

Synthetic Tea

I am not telling about synthetic theanine or something...I am talking about a tea that is made of poster colors.
This is a fact and I happened to taste this tea on one of the platforms when the train Konark stopped.The tea looked so attractive that every one in the compartment purchased it as the pantry car in the train does'nt supply masala tea.
That was a small station, and as a practice the pantry car vendors dont sell anything when the train is on platform.
This tea fellow was selling masala tea..and as it was a pleasant evening of a hot summer , we all ordered for was smelling awesome...elaichi and all.He supplied some 25cups in the compartment and left immediately.Once the train started moving people started enjoying their tea...but i smelt something basically wrong with its taste...i could just not go for the second sip.It was so horrible.I threw away the cup. I am a tea lover, but still discarded it.
I later came to know that it is made of Poster colors for white milk,tea color , and elaichi powder to keep away from the chemical smell and a lot of sugar (tea on platforms is mostly very sweet...i hate it if sugar is more :) )
100 cups of this tea costs only Rs.40/- while that made from milk costs Rs.280/-.Looks and tastewise both are similar to a lay man...but u need to use ur extra senses to sense the deception.
This tea is carcenogenic .
My free advice to people is never drink tea purchased from platforms...specially when the train stops in small stations..even before u realise and catch hold of the synthetic tea seller (cheater) the train would leave...
So be careful friends... :)

** if you people remember this sort of chemical locha has taken place in the issue of milk packets...they were selling synthtic chemical milk in packets of famous "katraj " milk packets.They were three young scientists who invented this formula and now are behind bars for their creativity.