Sunday, February 14, 2010

First blast....

Thought Hyderabad will be Hub for IT,attracting revenues...then started telangan issue.Then thought, Bangalore would be the city for Indian economy...but the thought remained as a thought.I strongly felt, its the turn of PUNE...and when things are moving smooth ,it was as well targeted by Terrorists.
The foreigners being the target,now any company who wants to open its branch in India will remain a big question mark?They will think twice before even moving a paper involving India.
What would be the future generation fate....with so much of bloodshed and hatred :(

Monday, February 8, 2010


Most of the women in this world are born sensitive towards emotions and attachments.When someone hurts them psychologically,the first emotion seen is tears....this breed itself is so unique.
But, men feel that women are emotionally blackmailing them through the tears.They want to see only happy side of a person..they seldom try to understand the emotions behind those valuable tears that run out of their pay attention..crying is not a sin,it is just like any other expressions like joy and happiness,anger and depression etc.If you ignore them , they may feel lost,If someone is crying for you , it means u are worth a lot for them.

Science says ,its better to remove all the agony in form of tears to have a happier future,whether it is a man or a woman.Keep crying atleast once a month.its good for eyes and health.
U like it or not,u take it or I always say, its how you look at it and is always your wish. :)