Friday, October 25, 2013

Practicing doctors and their worst best practices :)

I recently got operated upon my lumbar spine.I went to the doctor in a very painful situation.Doctor thought my pain was manageable looking at smile on my face.Being a sports person , I never knew how to cry for a physical pain (though I cried many times when I was hurt by people's behaviour).Finally after MRI the doctor said there is no other option other than surgery.Finally after suffering for 3 full days of paralysing pain, I got relieved of the throbbing pain ending up with other complications on 11th September 2013. The real story begins here...the doctors and nurses had to change the i.v.catheter after the first one was blocked which was inserted by the anesthetist.They have pierced my hand at 5 different places ending up with an unsuccessful job and leading to thrombosis(blood clot in vessels)and black skin. An expert from ICU also tried ..rather practiced but utterly failed.The excuse of their failure is again me..they say my veins are so fine that they are not able to get a vein after blocking 5 main veins on both my hands. I am not talking about a local hospital...this is second largest in orthopedics in India and they have such brilliant "practicing doctors". If this is the state of famous hospitals i am worried what is the status of "practicing doctors" in small villages/hospitals. I only pray god that every practice the doctor practices on patients life should be 100% successful .

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