Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Different people..different thoughts

My previous entry prompted me to use the keys of keyboard here...of all the people in the troupe who went to picnic...it was only me who got down the steps into the well...i achieved nothing by doing that except winning a bet...but it gave an immense pleasure to me.
True happiness comes when u do what u want to do....
Ask anyone if they r enjoying their job...80% of people say..we r working because we get pay...not because they enjoy.One wont feel tired as long as they r doing what they like...they remain bubbly , active and happy always....
The different people i'm mentioning here are people who are doers and people who are dumpers(just dump without attempting)..."lets do it right now..and tackle the problem" is ones style,while "why do it when there is so much of risk"is others style.There is afamous saying"if things are inevitable sit back and enjoy".Some fight out while others compromise.....
risk takers...if they find destiny...they are lucky,if they dont...they will pave a new path which will be destined destiny for other catogory people. To achieve what is not sure is challenging.
Similarly the second catogory people are those who dont prefer to take risks.They are happy in their own frame...doing good job of whatever they do.But theres no adventure,no maza....

long back there used to be an advertisement on 7 up with subtitle "routine is boring" by the character fido dido...i used to run and come to watch the add.Its a diiferent one...i liked it.
long back i read somewhere...dont exactly remember but the phrase was "if its not mine...i dont want it"...my preference would have been "if its not mine and i like it ...then ...I'll not leave any stone unturned to get it"
Its just how u look at things...thats all that matter. :)

me in a well....still all well :)

This is my favourite photograph...there were live snakes inside the well...i still opted to get down....this was a moment when we went on a picnic to a nearby village...my ex-coleague's house...constructed in middle of fields...
"Alone...but confident in my looks and aspiring high by the body language..."..I just love this photograph... :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

bike vs scooter

I have been thinking of changing my bike with a new one...this time not a YAMAHA product but a HONDA product.But as expected , this society(including my own kith and kin) cant still accept a lady driving a motor bike like a man...why this difference in the peoples mind is still a question I've been asking myself.With so much of friction from my family members i am still driving my old bike with a hope that one day I will buy my dream bike.
I used to drive Chetak...it was supposed to be the heaviest among the scooters .I used to drive it since I was in 10th.The society and the mindset of people is still the same...even then they used to say why this girl wants to drive heavy vehicles like men..cant she go to school on her bicycle...It never changed and it will never change.
Surprisingly,the change has come in me...I started accepting the society the way it is...their concentration is always on me...what she would do next...it used to bother me but now I feel I am a celebrity as the public is interested in knowing about me....
Now I have permission to buy HONDA activa....but I am waiting for a day where my own people would say YES for a bike...WAITING :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Grief and uncertainity....

She used to work as personal secretary to the GM of my department in my previous company.They removed her from job saying that she was slow and cant understand things fast.(this similar thing happened even in my present company with a young person unlike the lady I'm talking about..).She shed her tears on my shoulders with dilemma for her next comming days.I cant forget those sorrowful eyes with so much of uncertainity in life.She was 50+ . After a couple of years(~5yrs) I saw her on road and said hi to her..she immediately recognised and then started narrating her story that she lost her husband and she suffered a lot to find a job .
Recently I met her again..to catch bus at 9am she starts from home at 8.15am to walk a distance of 1/2km.
The reason why I wrote this is...she still found a reason to live happily inspite of the hardships she is facing...while most of us are scared of future with respect to their jobs or personal life instead of living for the moment .... :)