Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Life is not always beautiful....you need to put efforts to make it so :)

There was a vacuum all of a sudden.....I declared I am leaving the company and just walked out in April 2014.I got two offers for same company.Of the choices I had in hand were an easy one and other a challenging one.I opted the 2nd option and moved to the harsh conditions of weather and unknown atmosphere of culture and religion in one of the middle east countries on 9th April 2014. The challenge of working in desert conditions were still acceptable than the challenges I had to face while leading a team there. All new faces and new environment and I was left alone to fight my battle.Women in those regions and religion are considered to be home makers and not manage offices.This fact that the team need to work with a female manager was the first challenge.No room to sit and no organised structure for all who work there.Providing room for them and working on my own cabin initially created a lot of friction.I had different staff to deal with for the first 5 weeks ....once the team realised I was there to support them and recognise their efforts and make their life easy, they slowly started trusting me after the first 5 weeks.Since then there was no looking back....and this was possible becoz I was living like one among them while doing my duties as their lead. Let it be technical or other non technical, you can win people through their hearts provided you are ready to change a bit.My jovial and caring nature did not put much pressure on how I need to deal with people there.....and on contrary they have never worked with a person like me is what they narrated to me.Give little and get litte...life is all about mutual exchange of views or anything else. Now after ~1.5yrs I once again decided to move on from this place and its difficult to break the emotional bond we have mutually built with each other....the lab team and the engineers team said only one sentence "please don't leave us and go" we need you and your support for the growth of company and the people. I am happy I could win a little place in their hearts and I am happy I have few more well wishers in my life. Life will keep moving, not sure where next but where ever I go my aura will certainly help me win people like my dad always says. With many more memories and success stories I bagged here, I am ready for the next journey in couple of weeks....not sure where :) "Listen to your commitments you made to yourself and respect....then you will be respected for the commitment you make for your organisation. : Cheers :)

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