Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Life is not always beautiful....you need to put efforts to make it so :)

There was a vacuum all of a sudden.....I declared I am leaving the company and just walked out in April 2014.I got two offers for same company.Of the choices I had in hand were an easy one and other a challenging one.I opted the 2nd option and moved to the harsh conditions of weather and unknown atmosphere of culture and religion in one of the middle east countries on 9th April 2014. The challenge of working in desert conditions were still acceptable than the challenges I had to face while leading a team there. All new faces and new environment and I was left alone to fight my battle.Women in those regions and religion are considered to be home makers and not manage offices.This fact that the team need to work with a female manager was the first challenge.No room to sit and no organised structure for all who work there.Providing room for them and working on my own cabin initially created a lot of friction.I had different staff to deal with for the first 5 weeks ....once the team realised I was there to support them and recognise their efforts and make their life easy, they slowly started trusting me after the first 5 weeks.Since then there was no looking back....and this was possible becoz I was living like one among them while doing my duties as their lead. Let it be technical or other non technical, you can win people through their hearts provided you are ready to change a bit.My jovial and caring nature did not put much pressure on how I need to deal with people there.....and on contrary they have never worked with a person like me is what they narrated to me.Give little and get litte...life is all about mutual exchange of views or anything else. Now after ~1.5yrs I once again decided to move on from this place and its difficult to break the emotional bond we have mutually built with each other....the lab team and the engineers team said only one sentence "please don't leave us and go" we need you and your support for the growth of company and the people. I am happy I could win a little place in their hearts and I am happy I have few more well wishers in my life. Life will keep moving, not sure where next but where ever I go my aura will certainly help me win people like my dad always says. With many more memories and success stories I bagged here, I am ready for the next journey in couple of weeks....not sure where :) "Listen to your commitments you made to yourself and respect....then you will be respected for the commitment you make for your organisation. : Cheers :)

Friday, October 25, 2013

connecting people...........

In early 2000 email was a luxury...days passed by,years rolled off.Social networking started blooming and first site was orkut.Everyone who had gmail account had a orkut account, but who ever had it then, dont even remember their ID n password today.From there started the increase in rate of social networking sites like mushrooms....twitter, facebook,google plus and now whatsapp. Even a school going kid demands an android smart phone , just to have whatsapp uploaded and hang on it for hours and hours. i am scared where all this advanced technology will lead to and what would be the destiny of the present generation. My concern is not the handy technology which is changing every moment, my worry is for what value system the present and future generations will inculcate as they grow up after being exposed to so much of untimely knowledge...they are losing their ignorance. The funny part is my servant maid is also so educated in using computers that she says "didi mere liye train ticket through net karke dena...it'll take long time if i stand in line and get tickets and moreover it will be loss for u as I will not be able to come to your home for work" ....i got scared of the threatening and did the honors for her and still keep doing ;).

Practicing doctors and their worst best practices :)

I recently got operated upon my lumbar spine.I went to the doctor in a very painful situation.Doctor thought my pain was manageable looking at smile on my face.Being a sports person , I never knew how to cry for a physical pain (though I cried many times when I was hurt by people's behaviour).Finally after MRI the doctor said there is no other option other than surgery.Finally after suffering for 3 full days of paralysing pain, I got relieved of the throbbing pain ending up with other complications on 11th September 2013. The real story begins here...the doctors and nurses had to change the i.v.catheter after the first one was blocked which was inserted by the anesthetist.They have pierced my hand at 5 different places ending up with an unsuccessful job and leading to thrombosis(blood clot in vessels)and black skin. An expert from ICU also tried ..rather practiced but utterly failed.The excuse of their failure is again me..they say my veins are so fine that they are not able to get a vein after blocking 5 main veins on both my hands. I am not talking about a local hospital...this is second largest in orthopedics in India and they have such brilliant "practicing doctors". If this is the state of famous hospitals i am worried what is the status of "practicing doctors" in small villages/hospitals. I only pray god that every practice the doctor practices on patients life should be 100% successful .

Monday, February 20, 2012

2 years later......

After a long gap,i felt like re starting expressing of my views here.....
so many times I felt I need to pen so many things down here in my space..but due to reasons untold I just kept away.Now, I feel like opening up and scribble down things to let them reach you from my brain...rather my thoughts... :)

I am not sure if you have seen people who sell stuff near traffic signals or people staying on road side..with roofs open to sky and skin exposed to all sorts of weather conditions.I see small kids playing with the water that seeps out from the drainage holes and washing their soiled faces with the dark waters.We ,working in MNCs dont even prefer to wash our hands with water from municipal taps...even if we wash we use sanitising lotion to protect from the bacteria.Same human race, money makes the difference.What makes me think is how can I help these people.I can at most educate them but by just doing that will I be showing them an alternative??I want to have the power or support from the government to show a healthy alternative to these people on roads..a better living which means hygenic,healthy and atleast shelter with one time meal assured.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Synthetic Tea

I am not telling about synthetic theanine or something...I am talking about a tea that is made of poster colors.
This is a fact and I happened to taste this tea on one of the platforms when the train Konark stopped.The tea looked so attractive that every one in the compartment purchased it as the pantry car in the train does'nt supply masala tea.
That was a small station, and as a practice the pantry car vendors dont sell anything when the train is on platform.
This tea fellow was selling masala tea..and as it was a pleasant evening of a hot summer , we all ordered for it.it was smelling awesome...elaichi and all.He supplied some 25cups in the compartment and left immediately.Once the train started moving people started enjoying their tea...but i smelt something basically wrong with its taste...i could just not go for the second sip.It was so horrible.I threw away the cup. I am a tea lover, but still discarded it.
I later came to know that it is made of Poster colors for white milk,tea color , and elaichi powder to keep away from the chemical smell and a lot of sugar (tea on platforms is mostly very sweet...i hate it if sugar is more :) )
100 cups of this tea costs only Rs.40/- while that made from milk costs Rs.280/-.Looks and tastewise both are similar to a lay man...but u need to use ur extra senses to sense the deception.
This tea is carcenogenic .
My free advice to people is never drink tea purchased from platforms...specially when the train stops in small stations..even before u realise and catch hold of the synthetic tea seller (cheater) the train would leave...
So be careful friends... :)

** if you people remember this sort of chemical locha has taken place in the issue of milk packets...they were selling synthtic chemical milk in packets of famous "katraj " milk packets.They were three young scientists who invented this formula and now are behind bars for their creativity.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

First blast....

Thought Hyderabad will be Hub for IT,attracting revenues...then started telangan issue.Then thought, Bangalore would be the city for Indian economy...but the thought remained as a thought.I strongly felt, its the turn of PUNE...and when things are moving smooth ,it was as well targeted by Terrorists.
The foreigners being the target,now any company who wants to open its branch in India will remain a big question mark?They will think twice before even moving a paper involving India.
What would be the future generation fate....with so much of bloodshed and hatred :(

Monday, February 8, 2010


Most of the women in this world are born sensitive towards emotions and attachments.When someone hurts them psychologically,the first emotion seen is tears....this breed itself is so unique.
But, men feel that women are emotionally blackmailing them through the tears.They want to see only happy side of a person..they seldom try to understand the emotions behind those valuable tears that run out of their beloved...do pay attention..crying is not a sin,it is just like any other expressions like joy and happiness,anger and depression etc.If you ignore them , they may feel lost,If someone is crying for you , it means u are worth a lot for them.

Science says ,its better to remove all the agony in form of tears to have a happier future,whether it is a man or a woman.Keep crying atleast once a month.its good for eyes and health.
U like it or not,u take it or not...as I always say, its how you look at it and is always your wish. :)

Sunday, January 31, 2010

our mind is trained...

The sweeter part is she always wears it right though they are left in reverse mode... :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

glass and water, age old concepts....

this was the discussion that was going on today...one was saying,if you see a glass with water each one will look at it in different ways..some say the glass if half filled with water(optimistic),some say it is half empty(pessimistic),some say the glass is blue in color,some say the water has some particles in it...different people and different perceptions.
why people who look at the glass and say it is half empty is considered as pessimist?i feel it the condition of the person at that particular moment...if he is thirsty , he can only see the half content of the glass..while his requirement is more.similarly if a person is not that thirsty whatever water is there..it is sufficient for him...but they are judged in two entirely different ways.
third catagory is the person who is not bothered of content..so obviously he will not comment of content as he is not interested in it.
i dont know what i scribbled..but for sure,my perception about old theme of catagorising people moved to a new angle of looking at things and changing the basics...
As I always say :it is how you look at things"...if u like it take it ,else leave it...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

the more we have, the less is the value it has....

Life ...this is what i meant by the title.Our country is so overpopulated that we dont bother about a life that is struggling to survive in ambulance carrying a him/her in critical condition.I understand it is a rush hour, but cant we pave way for the ambulance to pass ,by stopping on one side of the road?Why are we so negligent when it comes to some one else's life??
After a long and hard working day,it is reasonable that everyone wishes to rush to home and take rest...but it is our social responsibility to respect a fellow human being specially if they are in a medically critical condition...one day we or our own family member may be there...understand the situation is the need of the hour...and act accordingly . :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I was thinking every incidence in my life popped up without prior intimation....this is what is generally termed as accident.
Every stage of my life was an accident...never planned but it always surprised me when each step got unfolded...so far all the accidents i faced are enjoyable.Sounds odd how accidents are fun..but here the definition is different. :)
I dint choose any accidents..but still all are memorable. :)

Friday, January 8, 2010


For some unknown reason..my mind set towards human breed changed..I am suspecting/doubting everyone...including myself :) This world is changed...or the way I am looking at it changed?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

situations and attitudes...

I most of the times used to feel how to get out of a situation...friends used to say face it...some used to say fight it...and many used to say escape it.I never felt any of the suggestions convincing.The situations may be different.I personally feel one should observe the situation than acting upon it.but there are phases where observing a situation is painful..then as u cant change a situation , try changing ur attitude .
"You cannot expect the world to change for you, mould yourself accordingly or make a new world for yourself"....And as i always say..you have ur own way of looking at things...after all we belong to a democratic country and we are blessed with freedom of speech :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hmm...its New Year time

2.Giving best
3.More balance ...specially emotional front.
4.Keeping cool
5.More aggressive
6.Determination to complete the task taken....
7.Have a "take it easy policy" :)
Perhaps these are the things I need to stress upon this year...and leave the rest for the destiny to decide (i dont believe in destiny
;) though) .

Friday, December 18, 2009

Ask if u want...

This is a new concept I have learnt in my office today...itseems we need to ask what we want...otherwise we get nothing...RIDICULOUS....

Thursday, December 10, 2009


I realised one thing after doing research on human tendencies that money goes to them who already posses a lot...a richman helps only a rich person...if it were a poor man he dosent even bother to look back.
Today morning,I saw one man on bike and one soiled clothed person asked for lift and he was not offered.Just few minutes later some clean dressed fellow asked for lift and he got it...what a difference.One can afford public transport while the other cannot....but still the person who can afford was given lift.When can we be "human beings"....
I find such incidences almost daily ....

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

And we forget to live the MOMENT.....

A message a friend has sent..and after I read I felt wow...this is very true....we really forget today thinking about tomorrow....

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Paagal Hua Diwaana...is what Ph.D is defined as.True...people really go mad when the expected results are not achieved after working on a topic for months...and finally giveup and take up a new topic with a lot of uncertainity.Not sure if the topic chosen would be fruitful or not.
A friend of mine ,who is doing Ph.D is real fun .He knows how to convert a tough topic into a lite environment.He is from North east ...so obviously his height is less...we were all pulling his legs,then instead of recoiling,his answer was "Pull,atleast then my height will increase".
Moral of the story is"In frustration a person will atleast try to keep others happy whatever be the situation within, because they know what is the pain in being frustrated ".....